...Operational instruction as per Menu on home page

Step 1. Get Started -> Register New User
- If you are not registered on BusinessMarg then create a User id and Password to use this software
Step 2. Contact Lists -> Contact Lists [Add / Edit / View / Delete]
- Create a contact list name to import the email databases
Step 3. Contact Lists -> Import Contacts From a File
- Download the Excel Template from the same screen, fill the required data and import to send the email
- In Excel template, only email id is mandatory, rest all fields are optional but try to fill the max information which can be used for personalized emailing
Step 4. Email Campaigns -> Email Templates [Add / Edit / View / Delete]
- Add email message about your products and services which is going to be used for sending the mail
Step 5. Email Campaigns -> Send an Email Campaign
- Select the email list
- Select the email message
- Enter the number of days, which will be checked while sending the email, if already sent within specified days, then same email will not be repeated
- Click the Send Button
- Now the sent email will be parked to outbox and automatically software keeps on sending few emails in every hour. The sending status can be viewed in report section
**Help** - If any where any queries, please call on our help line +91 9820126871 or send email on they will assist you