...a Digital branding & Lead generation tool

* Showcases your Products/Services to millions of Buyers and automatically works 24 X 7 for you
Why you Should Choose BusinessMarg ???
Everyone Does Business. But with the right tools & resources, you can execute big plans !!!!
BusinessMarg is such right tool that works for anyone

We know... You know your business. But it will help you to grow more....!!!

If You have Sales Team included Field Sales Persons, Telemarketers, Website etc...
But not getting the desired results..... Try BusinessMarg
Will give you amazing results and opportunity to develop your business without increasing your current marketing resources.....
Bring your marketing team, tools and data together, all in one place

* F E A T U R E S
Business Contacts Extractor
- Enter the multiple keywords which can be used by software to search and extract business contacts on internet
- Target Audience keywords can be decided as per their Designation, Type of Company, Industry, Company Profile, Sector, Products, Services, City, State, Type of Profession, Monthly Income, Age Group and many more .......
- on the basis of given keywords, our tool will Search on internet, Extract, Verify and store the list of Business Contacts with names, corporate email, designation, cell number, company name, website, industry and more !!!
- Your own data can be imported from Excel file

Email Verifier
- The data gets verifed by in-build email verifier before sending the email
- This helps to avoid spam, junk and bulk type of emailing. Ultimately more inbox delivery

Email Promotion
- Add Email Templates
- Upload Email Ids or use existing contacts
- Select Email List, Email Template and Send
- It will be parked to outbox
- It keeps on sending 40 emails in every hour as a personalized and individual email communication
- With this you can reach everyday more than 1000 target audience without doing almost anything and without investing much

Social Media Promotion
- It keeps on posting your website contents randomly on different social media groups of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and other websites
- This activity creates good brand awareness and helps to reach your products and services to thousands of people in business network everyday
- Over all in 30 days your products and services will be displayed to more than 10 lakh audience

* Pricing
Rs.25,000/- for 30 Days Session

* Buyers Response
Now everyday just open your email id and see the Response
Without doing almost anything, the software does
Digital Branding, Social Media Promotion, Increases your website ranking on Google and Sales Lead Generation
It is something like that you have appointed a Sales Person at a minimal cost, almost Nothing, but is working 24 hours without taking Rest and Sleep
* Advantages
Without any manual interaction, it works 365 days
Due to this activities, every day your Company and Product details get displayed to more and more number of target audience, awareness gets increases
Simultaneously the number of visitors on your website also gets increases which increase Google Ranking without doing any SEO
The Sales Lead generated from interested clients along with huge Digital Branding among professional network
Here you can save a lot of time which requires to search the interested Buyers and then to follow-up with them for long & long time
In-Build News Letter facility helps to build a strong relationship with Clients and make them aware about your New Products & Other Activities

* Cost Benefit
It is far better and more result oriented + available at much more lower cost than following :
SEO of website, where you have to pay a lot of money
Registering your Company on B2B, B2C and other On-Line Portals
Bulk Emailing, Bulk SMS and Searching Data for Email and SMS Campaign
Appointing more Sales Staff for same work and doing many things manual rather than using Software Intelligence
Calculate at any angle, it will be cost effective than any other marketing activities

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