...a Digital Branding Software

* Showcases your Products/Services to millions of Buyers and automatically works 24 X 7 for you
Why you Should Choose BusinessMarg ???
Everyone Does Business. But with the right tools & resources, you can execute big plans !!!!
BusinessMarg is such right tool that works for anyone

We know... You know your business. But it will help you to grow more....!!!

If You have Sales Team included Field Sales Persons, Telemarketers, Website etc...
But not getting the desired results..... Try BusinessMarg
Will give you amazing results and opportunity to develop your business without increasing your current marketing resources.....
Bring your marketing team, tools and data together, all in one place

* Digital Branding Software works as under:
Email Promotion
- Upload Email Ids
- Add Email Templates
- Select Email List, Email Template and Send
- It will be parked to outbox
- It keeps on sending 20 emails in every hour as a personalized and individual email communication
- With this you can reach everyday more than 500 target audience without doing almost anything and without investing much

Greetings and NewsLetters Sending
- Upload your Client list along with Multiple News Letters
- The Software keeps on sending the News Letters to your Clients as per the schedules given
- It helps to build strong relationship among existing Clients
- Also increases business possibilities and make them aware about your other activities time to time

Reviews and feedbacks collection from customers
- It provides a Cloud platform to collect reviews and feedbacks from your customers/clients publish them in your own website. It will be very helpful to your businesses. No matter what size your business is and how old or new you are in the online world. We can always help you gain trust from new potential clients and retain the existing business

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