...a Robotic Business Promotion and Lead Generation Software

* Showcases your Products/Services to millions of Buyers and automatically works 24 X 7 for you
Why you Should Choose BusinessMarg ???
Everyone Does Business. But with the right tools & resources, you can execute big plans !!!!
BusinessMarg is such right tool that works for anyone

We know... You know your business. But it will help you to grow more....!!!

If You have Sales Team included Field Sales Persons, Telemarketers, Website etc...
But not getting the desired results..... Try BusinessMarg
Will give you amazing results and opportunity to develop your business without increasing your current marketing resources.....
Bring your marketing team, tools and data together, all in one place

* How to Start Business Promotion
- 1.Register User, if not registered
- 2.Do the payment as per plan selected
- 3.Add email message templates
- 4.Decide your target audience, search, select and schedule email campaigns
- 5.Now keep monitoring reply email id, added in software to see the buyers response
- 6.Also telephonic communication facility after email communication

= Business Promotion through SUBSCRIBERS DATA which is available in the software
   - Search and Create Email Campaign: Search the target audience by given search criteria
         Search: Number of contacts will be displayed, details can be viewed on click View Button
         Create Email Campaign: Options
            Campaign Name: Give the name for your campaigns
            Template: Select the message template to be sent, if not then first create it
            Total Count / Send: Total number of contacts found / Enter the number contacts to whom emails to be sent
            Proceed: On click, email Campaign will be created and soon it will start sending after verification

= Business Promotion through YOUR DATA which you need to upload it through excel file
   - Contact Lists: Just create the name for contact list
   - Import Contacts from Excel: Data can be uploaded from excel sheet, excel template can be downloaded
   - Contacts View: Imported contacts can be viewed or deleted
   - Create Email Campaign: Select the Contact List, Message Template and Send

* P R I C I N G
- Rs.10,000/-, per month subscription charges
- Share your business details with 1,00,000 Target Audience every month via robotic personalized emailing
- It means every month 1 lakh people will come to know about your product/services which results business promotion cum lead generation
Click here for Payment Mode...

* Advantages
- No need to search around for email data and mailing server
- No need to worry about validity of data. The data gets verified with our bounced emails collection before uploading and sending emails
- No need to worry about black list or suspension on your email id
- No need to worry about repeated emails on same email id which waste time, money and client get harassed
- The Sales Lead generated from interested clients along with huge Digital Branding among professional network
- Simultaneously the number of visitors on your website also gets increases which increase Google Ranking without doing any SEO
- Here you can save a lot of time and cost which requires to search the right target audiences on net
- It also can be used for News Letters which helps to build a strong relationship with Clients and make them aware about your New Products & Other Activities
- It is far better and more result oriented than appointing more Sales Staff for same work and doing many things manual rather than using Software Intelligence
- It is something like that you have appointed a Sales Person at a minimal cost, almost Nothing, but is working 24 hours without taking Rest and Sleep